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Mercedes EQA updated with more range and tech

Mercedes EQA
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Mercedes has refreshed the EQA for 2023 in a bid to maintain the car’s appeal alongside its competitors from Audi and BMW. It’s a hard-fought market, though – the best electric SUVs have loads of technology, eye-catching styling and exciting performance. Since it was launched, the EQA has been decidedly average in its field, so this update could inject a welcome dose of attraction.اضافة اعلان

Changes to the Mercedes EQA’s bodywork are led by both form and function. To make all its EVs look like they were cut from the same cloth, the EQA now shares the same front end as the EQE and EQS saloons. However, Mercedes has also made a host of aerodynamic tweaks to the EQA to eke some more miles from its battery pack. So, the rear wheel arches have been reshaped and there’s a fresh spoiler integrated into the rear light bar.


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