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BYD Seal U arrives in Europe: the electrified family SUV due in 2024

BYD 2024
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Keeping up the lightning speed of BYD’s roll-out in Europe, here’s another new model to contend with: the box-fresh BYD Seal U.
That U stands for ‘utility’ and reflects the model’s SUV roots, to differentiate from the BYD Seal electric saloon. The Chinese car maker calls it a ‘D-segment’ model that’s big enough for family duties with space for five adults passengers and what they call ‘a generous cargo capacity.’اضافة اعلان

It’s an extraordinary launch velocity in Europe: the company barely registered on anyone’s radar a year ago, but in 2023 launched the Atto 3 hatchback, the Dolphin and Seal EVs, plus a pair of SUVs badged Han and Tang. Here’s the sixth model already…

Note the digital-heavy interior: the main instrument stack is entirely virtual, while the large centre touchscreen can rotate from portrait to landscape orientation, like in the Atto 3.
Expect a handful of further ‘Easter egg’ surprise-and-delight features, although the Seal U’s status as sensible family transport will likely focus on functionality over more frivolous features such as guitar-string door pockets found in the brand’s smaller models.
BYD Seal U: the electric SUV
The newcomer will make its European debut at the IAA car show in Munich in September 2023. It is already on sale in the domestic Chinese market, where it is also available as a plug-in hybrid with combustion engines (a powerplant combination hitherto not offered by the brand in Europe). 


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